Saturday, December 24, 2016

'Looking for Me' ~ Contemporary Still Life by Paula Peacock

'Looking for Me'

30" x 24"
Oil on Canvas

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

'LOOKING FOR HAPPY' Contemporary Realism ~ Oil Paintings by Paula Peacock ~

'Looking for Happy'

30" x  24"
Oil on Canvas
by Paula Peacock

I lost my son in 2014 to a sensless act of violence. A year ago I began a series of paintings I call Altered Soul. These paintings are a part of my healing. 'Looking for Happy' is one of nine in the series.

The Buddhas depicted are known as the Happy Buddha. In this painting they remain somewhat hidden, in the shadows or behind objects. This is representative of a search for happiness but not quite finding it. One feels it’s just around the corner but never fully in view.
The string is our connection to the different aspects in our lives that define our happiness. Life is representative by the twig of small flowers, not in life sustaining water, but in cold marbles. The twig has been cut from its’ Mother tree.
The two hanging pendants, one the Endless Knot representing a connection and link with our fates and karmic destiny and second, the Golden Fishes symbolize happiness. The Asian vase, for the most part, is random Chinese characters. But, at the bottom of the center line are characters representing ‘Mother’ and ‘Warrior’. The left vertical line actually says ‘Christopher’ in English followed by the symbol meaning ‘Son’.
The singing bowl at the top is purposely left vague indicating a silent song or nothing to sing about and the tea pot is representational of a hope for emotional healing herbs.

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