Monday, June 12, 2017

Oil Paintings by Paula Peacock

'Looking for Zen'
Oil on Canvas
18" x 24"
by Paula Peacock

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What is it about bubbles? They are amazing. They grab our attention & make us smile. And if you look closely, they are beautifully colorful as the oily soap swirls around their surface, reflecting the color spectrum and their environment back to the observer. Though each bubble is made from the same substance, each are different in their own way. A bubbles’ time spent awing us is brief. 
We, like bubbles, are amazing, colorful, reflecting the culture we are raised in. We are the same, we are different. We are here for only a moment. 
Bubbles are indicative of the brevity of life. The thorns represent our environment & what is todays’ society, & reflect the tricky journey of stops & starts, of ups & downs, of left turns & right turns during our very short lives. The ribbons are window dressing, eye candy, a disguise luring us into making that wrong turn in the journey. Most of us are successful in that trip, but some of us get tangled up, bursting before their time. In memory of Christopher Peacock

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